Success can only be achieved by hard work and an organization can always remain in its strength position by developing a new & charismatic management that keeps it as it is & seeks always for the top.

    Our company was founded in 1948 by the father Mr. Sanos Sanossian and continued its success by his sons Mr. Joseph & Mr. Elie Sanossian; the Sanossian's family business was transformed into an organization under the name  Mechanical Supply Center.

    Thanks to a constant and continued growth, today Jospeh & Elie Sanossian company is a market leader in the industrial tools supply field in the Syrian market.

    Joseph and Elie Sanossian is engaged in the import and distribution of all types of industrial supplies such as hand tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, power tools, air compressors, welding machines as well as garage equipments, drilling & milling machines and Electrical Spar Parts.

    Being the representative of large number of big companies in the tools industry such as UNIOR, TELWIN, SICAM, STAYER, CMT, OMCN, CHINOOK Helps in covering the needs of all sectors, public and private, traditional and modern, small & large businesses. And its all under the supervision of expert engineers and specialists.

    The company covers the needs of the Syrian market through a network of distributors, sales representatives in all the Syrian governorates.
In addition to its activities in some neighboring countries, for example, Lebanon - Turkey - Iraq - Jordan.

    Seek to preserve the company logo, and keep track with the customer by providing after-sales service.

    In 2003 Sanossian's company added a new department to its branches which is  Olive oil department  by importing automatic olive oil extraction lines & sell them throughout Syria & nearby countries & succeeded in this field and achieved a satisfaction for the Syrian market which is the 4th ranked county in the world concerning olive oil business.

    Sanossian co tries to provide the best quality machines & service after sales.

    Starts by being the agent of PIERALISI from 2003 till 2007, Italian olive oil extraction machines well respected company.

    Starting from 2007 until now we are the main agent of the German Flottweg company.


Bustan Kulab str.    P.O.Box : 6385,   Aleppo Syria